How to Build a Strategic Plan for Your Life – Road Map Included

Fully understanding the power of “Future Pacing”, “The Mind-Body Crossover” and “The Countdown” are necessary to creating an exceptional “Strategic Plan for Your Life” that works. It requires a step-by-step roadmap to be successful. It all starts with a comprehensive understanding of your personality and your unique ability. Establishment of triggers and comprehension of imprinting, creative visualization, meditation and repetition are the keys to success. The power of positive and negative self-talk on your subconscious mind is explored, helping you to reconfigure negative “memory loops” hidden deep in your consciousness. Being able to take massive action is the key to all success! Knowing how to scramble your brain and take immediate action is the secret learned in this presentation.
By the end of this session, you will:

  • Know how to quickly discover your Unique Ability.
  • Know the five levels of maturity necessary for exponential growth.
  • Know how to quickly reprogram your brain for success.
  • Be given a definitive technique and process for taking massive action.
  • Have a step-by-step roadmap for success to show you the way.

It makes no difference if you just graduated from college, just got out of prison, just retired from a long working career, are a stay at home mom, or just looking for what to do next…. In this presentation you will be given a proven process for success. Implement the process and it will change your life. Enjoy the ride.

“Your destiny is shaped by the quality of your personal relationships.”

– Gary Dahse