Future Pacing, Golden Nugget

Understanding your personality is critical to building a strategic plan for your life and one of the first steps in solving the success, money, power – challenge. Most of your personality is established and locked in before you are three years old. Medical science suggests that 80% of your personality markers are formed while you are still in your mother’s womb. Medical science and technology also says you can’t change your personality in any meaningful way after the age of three or four, as it is locked in your DNA. If you take a good personality profile test when you are seventeen and then again when you are seventy-seven you will come within 3 percentage points because it is a part of your DNA that can’t be changed. We can only change our habits.

My parents always encouraged me to have “passion” for whatever I attempted in life. They did not, unfortunately, tell me how to have passion or how to discover it. They just said, be passionate! Understanding and knowing your own personality type is very valuable for you to experience a lot of peace, joy, success and contentment in life. It’s the first step to finding your real passion.

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