Mind-Body Crossover, Golden Nugget

The Mind-Body Crossover is a term coined to help explain a system I’ve created to help individuals acquire superior goal achievement. It’s a simplified explanation of how we operate between states and the phenomenal power gained once we understand what’s happening when we cross over from one state to the next – mental to the physical, spiritual to carnal, subconscious to conscious. Asleep/awake. Dreams/reality.

When and what happens when we crossover from one state to the other? How is a mental thought converted to a physical reality and vice versa? What is the secret to bridging this mind body gap? Is it possible to control and create realities once we are aware of how the system works? The answer is yes. I will be showing you how to create your own realities in my next blog, by harnessing The Mind-Body Crossover, Future Pacing, triggers, imprinting, creative visualization, mind control, repetition, meditation, mantras and goal statements.

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